“Anything is possible with enough focus, determination and dedication.” – Tom Stoltman


Tom Stoltman (AKA “The Albatross”) is a 24 year old strongman from the Scottish Highlands.

Currently Scotland’s Strongest Man, the 6 ft 6” 340lb athlete has been quickly rising through the ranks in the British Strongman Scene and is set for world domination.

Tom was diagnosed as autistic age 4.

“When I was 13, I wouldn’t leave the house by myself. I was shy and didn’t speak much. My parents used to think that I would be at home until I was 40 and never get married. Being an athlete has made me who I am today. I got married when I was 21, I travel all over the world competing in the World’s Strongest Man in front of busy stadiums full of people and I can talk in front of cameras.”

His message to all young autistic people and their families is that, “anything is possible with enough focus, determination and dedication.

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