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How to… Manage Friendships

My Autism Plan How to Manage Friendships

“I’m worried that she has no ‘proper’ friends”.   Friendships can be an issue of concern and worry for parents of autistic children, but your child may see it differently. So why can friendships be so challenging for people on the spectrum? When we look at the diagnostic criteria for autism, it becomes more obvious …

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How To Manage School Refusal

Autism Plan How To Manage School Refusal

When your child refuses to go to school, it’s upsetting and distressing. I’ve talked to so many parents who are really struggling to get their children to school. Before we look at what we can do, it usually helps to think about why this might happen. Why might an autistic child refuse to go to …

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How To Manage a Meltdown

Autism Plan How To Manage a Meltdown

Is a meltdown the same as a tantrum? No! Autism meltdowns and temper tantrums are different things. The key difference between the two types of outbursts is that tantrums usually have a purpose. A child throwing a tantrum is usually looking for a specific response and can often stop a tantrum if he gets what …

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How To Manage Transitions


As an Autism Consultant, I often speak to autism parents who are struggling with the same issues. Many are just as relieved to find out that they are not alone, as they are to have some practical advice and support on what they could do to help their situation. ‘Transitions’ is an topic that many …

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But You Don’t Look Autistic!

Autism Plan But She Doesn't Look Autistic

If you follow The Autism Plan, you’ll have seen Ellie, who is just 12 years old and has a diagnosis of autism, share her experiences and views on what being autistic means to her. Ellie’s videos have had hundreds of thousands of views, and have been shared thousands of times. The overwhelming majority of feedback …

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“Autism: 5 Things Your Family Needs to Know”

A valuable FREE downloadable Guide created by parents living with autism for parents and carers living with autism to help you start your autism journey with confidence

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