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The autism plan he's not naughty collaborator

He’s Not Naughty

Written by our very own Creative Director, Deborah Brownson MBE, it’s a quick and easy introduction to autism, explaining the many ways that a child can be affected by autism, so you can start to work out how to better support the autistic person in your life.

Alex Amelines

Born in Colombia, Alex is now based in London and works from his own animation outfit called Studio Tinto. He is the creator of the award winning animation, ‘Amazing Things Happen,’ which is an innovative autism awareness video (also available in different languages).

The Autism Plan collaborator Alex Amelines
The autism plan my happy mind collaborator

My Happy Mind

Created by UK award-winning entrepreneur Laura Earnshaw, My Happy Mind, helps schools, nurseries and families create a positive mental wellbeing culture in which children build resilience, self-esteem and character. Their programs use the latest research, science and technology to help children develop lifelong habits and learn to thrive.

Jennifer O’Toole

Gifted American celebrated author of ‘Asperkids’, award-winning international speaker, and advocate of geektastic awesomeness everywhere. Jennifer was diagnosed with autism in 2011, shortly after her own children were diagnosed. Jennifer courageously smashes stereotypes of what it means to be autistic and female and we are delighted to have her on board.

The autism plan collaborator jeniffer
The autism plan collaborator joshua leonard

Joshua Leonard

An exceptionally talented American animator and illustrator who has created, ‘Team Supreme,’  an animated series about a group of super friends who have both special needs and special powers. One of the characters, Zeek, has autism.

Anna Kennedy

Anna is a UK based autism campaigner, who founded schools to provide an improved education for children on the spectrum, when there was no provision for her own sons, Patrick 25 and Angelo 22. Anna Kennedy Online is a small charity with a big heart, that raises Autism Awareness. Anna hosts a wide range of events from our in-house training, Autism’s Got Talent, Autism Hero Awards, AKO Expo.

The autism plan anna kennedy collaborator
The autism plan braininhand collaborator

Brain in Hand

Brain in Hand is an on demand support system that gives people access to detailed personalised support from their smartphone, putting the individual more in control of their own support. Always available, it gives easy access to reminders, notes, coping strategies and a team of trained professionals to give help when and where it’s needed.

It’s helping more than two thousand people across the UK to reduce anxiety and improve independence, reducing demand on carers and support services.

The Autism Plan collaborator Robyn Steward

Robyn Steward

Robyn is an award-winning autistic influencer who is a musician, public speaker, writer and trainer. Robyn lives with multiple disabilities, including autism, and despite struggling at school and being bullied, has built up a successful business delivering inspirational talks to schools, autistic children and parents. She is known for her trademark hat.

Gareth Brownson

Full time firefighter, training to be Combat Medic in the British Army Reserve & over 15 years experience as a Personal Fitness Instructor. Gareth is dad to two teenage boys on the spectrum and shares his knowledge about the relationship between exercise and good mental health for both autistic people and their carers.

The Autism Plan collaborator Gareth Brownson
The Autism Plan collaborator Gareth Radford

Gareth Radford

Gareth is a qualified Speech and Language Therapist and currently works with adults with learning disabilities and adults with dual diagnosis of learning disabilities and autism. He has previously worked for a number of charities who specialise in support adults with learning disabilities.. Gareth’s professional interests are alternative and augmentative communication (ACC) and dysphagia.

Ellie Powell

Ellie is a slime expert and the creator of ‘Ellie’s Sublime Slime’. She is also an avid vlogger, footballer and animal lover. She is an Instagram Consultant to The Autism Plan and an ambassador for accepting difference and diversity for other autistic people.

The Autism Plan collaborator Ellie Powell
The Autism Plan collaborator Jack Welch

Jack Welch

Jack is an English & Creative Writing Graduate who lives in Dorset and London. Being autistic himself he is an avid campaigner The South West Regional Co-ordinator of Time to Change, Vice-Chair of Ambitious About Autism’s Youth Council & works with Mencap and NHS Ability. Jack is a very eloquent speaker and gives valuable insights into what it feels like to be autistic.

Tom Moran

Tom is proud to be autistic and gay and is passionate about diversity & inclusion. Tom who originates from Windsor, is a high achieving academic, currently reading Management & Information Technology at Lancaster University. Having deaf family members Tom also teaches sign language weekly. Tom uses his unique insight, to explain to others what it feels like to have autism.

The Autism Plan collaborator Thomas Moran
The Autism Plan collaborator Will Polston

Will Polston

Will works as a mindset strategist and aims to empower people to be able to fulfil their full potential in life and “make it happen”.

Paula Hines

Paula is a qualified 200hr Vinyasa Flow teacher, training with Yoga London. She is registered with Yoga Alliance. Practising yoga once a week quickly developed into a home practise and then a decision that made sense to her was to share the joy of yoga through teaching. Paula is also a qualified massage and reflexology therapist as well as a sports injury and massage therapist.

The Autism Plan collaborator Paula Hines
BeingHeardLogo - Amanda Sokell

Amanda Sokell

Amanda runs workshops and provides support for parents with a child who is struggling at school. Her ‘How to be Heard’ workshops help parents to understand what support is available and how best to access this. For those wishing to apply for an EHCP Amanda provides mentoring and documentation review services. Amanda’s own son has Autism and really struggled with school, at the age of 7 he refused to attend.

Lucy McKenzie

Lucy is Associate Director of Include Arts, training arts organisations to increase their knowledge of autism and learning disabilities as well as their understanding of specific access issues facing their audiences. She has worked with a wide range of theatre venues including the National Theatre, Barbican and RSC to develop Relaxed Performances and to create a more accessible environment for those visiting their venue.
Lucy has previously worked at the National Autistic Society for over 10 years in various roles including Inclusion Officer and Post 16 Tutor. Lucy has a special interest in understanding and supporting sensory issues especially focusing on how an environment can affect how someone may interpret and interact with the world.

The Autism Plan collaborator Lucy McKenzie
The Autism Plan collaborator Emma Flint

Emma Flint

Emma is a social media consultant with special interests in autism, mental health and suicide prevention. She lives in Devon with her two autistic children. Emma was herself diagnosed with autism at the age of 43 and is passionate about helping others to understand, befriend and honour their unique offerings and needs. Emma works for Brain-In-Hand is also a Non-Executive Director for Action to Prevent Suicide.

Natalie Wilson

Natalie is a Health & Social Care Teacher in a college setting and is also a registered Learning Disabilities Nurse and has worked with the Children’s Learning Disability & Behavioural Support Team, running parent support workshops and being part of the Multi Agency Assessment Team (MAAT) diagnosing autism. She lives in Cumbria with her family.

The Autism Plan collaborator Natalie Wilson
The Autism Plan collaborator My Boy Blue

My Boy Blue

Based in Cork, Ireland, single mum Nicole Duggan is an autism awareness blogger who is on a mission to make the world a better place for her autistic son Riley. She is also a Brand Ambassador for The Autism Plan and has contributed to our course, ‘Everything We Wish We’d Known.’