Does having a diagnosis really help..?

Does having a diagnosis really help..?

So you have your child’s diagnosis now… we know this isn’t an easy time but remember, having a diagnosis doesn’t change who your child is – they are still the same child they were before!  

So let’s look at how having an autism diagnosis helps…

Your child may well have felt ‘different’ from their peers and noticed that they like to do some things differently: a diagnosis gives them an explanation for these feelings and can be a great starting point to help them to learn more about themselves.  

A diagnosis gives an explanation for why something is the way it is and a diagnosis of autism can help family and friends understand how your child sees the world, which can really help them to be more open to making adjustments that are needed.

Are you wondering what effect a diagnosis has on your child’s schooling? 

This is one of the questions that we get asked a lot at The Autism Plan.

Well, a diagnosis of autism will give your child ‘legal protection’ under the Equality Act 2010. This means that the school has to make what’s called ‘reasonable adjustments’ to meet your child’s needs and make sure that there’s no discrimination against your child because of their autism.

I’ve noticed that these adjustments don’t always happen in some schools; I’ve often heard that schools say something like ‘if we have to change it for one; we have to do it for everyone…’    Let’s be really clear: this is NOT the case!! And if this sounds like your experience, then a better understanding of your rights will definitely help.

Have you thought about joining the ‘autism community’?

Sharing feelings and experiences with other people can be a huge support for any of us, whatever we’re going through.  Connecting with other children and families shows you that you’re not alone, even if you sometimes feel it.  Hopefully that’s started to help you see that there are some real positive benefits to getting an autism diagnosis.

Think of it as a ‘tool’ which can answer questions you may have been asking yourself, make more sense of your child’s behaviour, and help to unlock more support for your child – both now and in the future.  

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    am glad I’ve got my son diagnosed he’s only five so I’m lucky to Get the help he needs in life to deal with him the right way his way every child is different I’ve learnt that on the way I’m still learning but this doesn’t make any difference The educational system is failing them big time I think it’s a load of rubbish that you get a diagnosis for psychologist and then having to see another one to raise an EHCP Currently at the moment I am raising this myself I feel that my sons school has failed him in so many ways and that’s sad really I am sure I am not the only one well I know I’m not the only one we run this amazing group of parents can get together and get some advice I love my son as he is unique doing his special noises see in the world how we all would like to see the world noticing the small things where we would just miss them please have a look at are Group children with challenges mk

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