“Hyper-focus and obsessions are my superpowers!” – Daniel M Jones

Autism Plan DANIEL M JONES 07

Daniel M Jones is a best selling author, musician and social media influencer and creator of ‘The Aspie World’ an award winning YouTube Channel dedicated to raising autism awareness from a #ActuallyAutistic point of view.

Dan’s videos are highly engaging and challenge people’s perceptions of what autism is. Dan is diagnosed autistic, OCD, ADHD & Dyslexia and is making a real difference to global autism awareness.

“People need to know that autism is a super power. I’m proud to be autistic, I love the way my brain works. Hyper-focus and obsessions are my superpowers!”

He recently took part in an amazing film created by BBC Sesh:


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#NotDisabled #ThisIsAutism #ButYouDontLookAutistic

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