“I hear music in minute detail and layers” – Brownson

Autism Plan I hear music in minute detail and layers

Brownson is a music producer and DJ:

“I’m proud to be autistic. All this means is that my brain is wired differently, I don’t see it as a disability, it gives me immense strengths and makes me unique.
It means I have intense sustained focus and determination in things I am passionate about.
I hear music in minute detail and layers, which enhances my music production and DJ mixing skills.
I love the buzz of watching people react when I play a track that everyone loves, it’s the best feeling in the world!
I also enjoy changing people’s perceptions of what autistic people are capable of. Some people may wrongly assume that autistic people wouldn’t enjoy being in a noisy club, music blaring, full of people having a good time, but I am that guy centre stage, who everyone watches, making sure you have an amazing night! ”


Check out my music: www.soundcloud.com/brownsonmusic
Twitter: @brownsonmusic
Instagram: brownson_music


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