“Jake was told that he was unteachable” – Jake

Autism Plan Jake was told that he was unteachable

Jake is 13 and attends a mainstream secondary school, is working at age expected levels in all subjects, has friends and has just come back from a weekend away with the army cadets.

But it wasn’t always like that…

Jake was told, age 5, that he was unteachable and would never settle in a mainstream school.

He struggled to leave the house due to his severe sensory processing disorder.

He struggled to communicate, make friends and had severe sleep issues.

At Jake’s first school, his autism wasn’t understood and he was told on a daily basis that he was naughty. This led to Jake having a breakdown, aged 5, and having to leave school.

After finding the right school, Jake’s life changed overnight.

He started to smile again, to trust adults, to make friends, to enjoy learning and to be happy.

With the right support, encouragement and understanding, every autistic person can thrive.

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