One-to-one Support

Do you have a specific issue or question about autism that you want help with?  Do you need some information, advice or guidance on autism?
Chat with one of our Autism Plan Consultants privately, via ‘Online Chat’ or telephone.

Take advantage of direct access to your own Autism Consultant. Do you have a specific issue or question about autism that you want help with, or need some information, advice or guidance? May be you want to chat about a particular challenge you’re having relating to autism? Or perhaps you just want someone who understands autism to listen and understand?

An hour with our consultant has been described as ‘life changing’ by our Members.
Experience this for yourself.

Accessible “Life-Changing” Support

You'll have access to our team of autism specialists, who will be offering private, practical support for you, when you need it.

Bespoke Strategies

You will benefit from strategies specific to you, to take you through areas that you feel you need some help with.

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A Focus On Strengths

Everything we do is centred around strengths, potential, and the positives that autism can bring.

Use Your Support Time As You Choose

Our consultants can be flexible with what topics you want to focus on during your time.  Just let us know in advance.

How The Autism Plan can help you...

Most of our Members come to us because they feel they have reached a point where they are not sure what to do next. Here are some examples of the types of support our consultants offer:

  • Explaining autism
  • Diagnosis process and any issues regarding assessment
  • Telling and supporting others
  • Strategies regarding behaviour that challenges
  • Help with change / transitions
  • Support with education
  • Support with employment
  • Offering a supportive, friendly and non-judgmental call if you just need someone to talk to

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We’re here to help...

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