autism plan katie grant testimonial

Katie Grant


Just getting your head around Autism/Asperger’s/ASD – whatever it’s known as – is a challenge in itself. My son is 15 and a half but it’s only been in the last 3 years that I’ve started to come to terms with the way he thinks and speaks and lives. He doesn’t fit any neat diagnosis or box but as he gets older, his vulnerability is obvious and of course, keeping him safe in a world that he wants to be a part of, is tough.

After trying out different psychologists that were somewhere between disengaged, polite, interested or very busy but well meaning – we had come to an impasse of what to do. As a co-parenting, separated family knew that he needed support but didn’t know who or what to try next. By personal recommendation and extreme good fortune, we were put in touch with The Autism Plan and promptly booked ourselves in for a one-to one telephone consultation with Anna. In just one hour, Anna not only listened impartially and without judgement to our story but also  just ‘got’ what I was saying. About my son, our struggles, his daily challenges and behaviour traits – all of it. I have to say it was the best hour I’ve ever spent and left me feeling hopeful, understood and supported.

A telephone consultation may not seem like the most useful of ways to connect or get advice about something so personal and individual, but Anna’s clear and empathic approach immediately put me at ease. I came away feeling hopeful and with renewed energy. I love my son. His brain just works in a different way. I’m so grateful to The Autism Plan for giving me the opportunity to speak out and be heard. We are now in the process of being referred by our GP for a formal diagnosis. Not to label my son but to give him the opportunity to get help or support, if he wants it. Autism is such a loaded term but The Autism Plan really bring out the love and humanity of what it means to be on the spectrum and how to understand and care for your children in a way that brings happiness and peace to the whole family.

Sarah and Matt Dean


I have just finished my first telephone consultation with Rachel, The Autism Plan Consultant. She was fantastic! She was friendly, listened to me and I have come away with some fantastic transition tips which I plan to implement immediately. The strategies Rachel shared with me are transferable, so I will use them to prep my 10 year old for his school journey.

autism plan sarah and matt testimonial

I will also now have a meeting with school to insure my son is as happy and safe as possible whilst away from home. I will then be arranging a transition meeting with his new school.

Thank you so much, Rachel!


Charlotte Souber


Following an ASD diagnosis for our 4 year old son Dylan in August we were feeling totally overwhelmed at the vast amount of information online and the lack of post-diagnosis support offered (pretty much a leaflet and sent on our way). Then we discovered The Autism Plan and it has changed our lives.

Anna, The Autism Plan Consultant, has been like an angel, so so knowledgeable but more importantly kind, empathetic and totally flexible to the ever changing priorities of family life with ASD. What I love the most is how bespoke the programme is, it’s not only tailored to your child/family, but can adjust week by week as new situations occur. We now have coping strategies & visual supports that help us & Dylan at home, at school & out in public, and Dylan is less anxious and beginning to thrive at school. Most importantly, the team at The Autism Plan really care, it’s like an extended family. The only downside is that I can’t adopt Anna and have her stay with us forever! Thank you The Autism Plan, you are making the ASD world a better place x

Steve Banks


As parents of a son with ASD, we had met with several child psychologists and services in search of support and guidance. However, we were left feeling let down and ultimately abandoned, unsure of where to find help. After speaking with Anna at The Autism Plan, we felt as though someone understood us for the first time.

autism plan steve banks testimonial

Anna was able to provide a clear route through diagnosis and beyond, listening carefully and answering our questions and concerns whilst providing all the information we needed.

Anna's extensive experience and knowledge was clearly evident although always presented in a genuinely supportive and caring manner. I can’t recommend The Autism Plan highly enough.

The Autism Plan Claire Penberthy testimonial

Claire Penberthy

I really enjoyed the Autism: Quick Start online course. Having trawled websites and read various books, I found that the videos are a much easier way to process the information - the visual input helps greatly.  The inflections and tones increase understanding. It's also lovely to see a real, human being at the other end, describing their experience or offering hints, tips or advice.

I have learned a lot from this and would definitely recommend it to others. The bitesize videos are so flexible, they allow me to do a bit, have a break and do a bit more when I have time. It is also easier to pause or stop/start if there are other distractions which there always are! It was also really great to hear from 11-year-old Ellie directly and I really found some comfort, as a parent, in what she had to say!"

Sammi Devaney

My child was diagnosed with Autism on the 29th October 2018.

The Quick Start course has made me realise that what I've been feeling is completely normal.

The Autism Plan Sammi Devaney testimonial

I would definitely recommend the course to newly diagnosed autism families. If they’re anything like me, they’ll feel alone and ashamed of how they are feeling. I felt like it was my fault and I kept thinking how different our lives would be if Jaxon didn't have autism. but the course made me realise I have nothing to be ashamed of and all of those feelings are normal.  I now know I wouldn't change anything about Jaxon, autism is a part of him, we will now just take each day as it comes! Realising that was my favourite part of the course! I feel much happier and ready for our autism journey.

It taught me things I didn't know like the importance of sensory breaks.

The Autism Plan Ulrika Coulson testimonial

Ulrika Coulson

This is me and my 6 year old son.  Watching your videos was a huge relief!  I'm grateful to have learned how to communicate better with him and what my next steps should be. You have opened my eyes so much in such a short time! Hearing from other families living the same life as me is very comforting and helpful. I was so lost before. 

Thanks to you, I now I understand how he hears and sees. I would highly recommend this course to newly and already diagnosed people and their family's and friends, even if you think you already know a lot, there is so much information that opens your eyes and mind. The course videos of people who have ASD are such an insight. Listening to their positive views of their gift, their way of thinking, hearing and seeing is so inspiring and helps you truly understand their unique way of experiencing the world. Thank you!

Nicole Duggan

Oh my God! What an amazing course!

It's so well laid out and SO easy to use. The workbook is an amazing idea and something I will definitely print off so I can makes notes on as I go along.

The videos are an amazing resource. 

In Ireland you get a diagnosis but no support and can be such a lonely and worrying time. I felt so lost and confused. This should be made available to EVERY family who gets an autism diagnosis.

The Autism Plan collaborator My Boy Blue

Ellie's video sharing her positive view on her own autism gives me so much hope for the future. As a mom to a 5 year old who is autistic I often wonder how he will view his own autism. 

I LOVE the positive outlook on autism throughout the course.

The one video that has REALLY struck me so far is 'How you felt when your child was diagnosed,' I laughed, cried and I found myself nodding along to everything. This video could help SO many people, so many parents and carers.

Thank you so much for wanting to teach the world about Autism.

Thank you for wanting to help parents like me.

The Autism Plan gets 10/10 from me...

Thank you!!!