“With the correct strategies and understanding in place, we can do anything!” – Colin Roberts

Autism Plan Colin Roberts

Colin is a brilliant and talented photographer with an exceptional eye for a great photo. He has “come out” as autistic to educate people about autism by openly sharing his autistic perspectives and experiences

“My family is my world, and I am dad to 3 amazing kids. I was diagnosed a few months ago. The first doctor I saw said: “you don’t strike me as autistic”. I saw a different doctor who referred me straight away.

I’m fully aware that when I tell people I am autistic they are thinking ‘you don’t look autistic’ or are really surprised.

Many autistic people, including myself and my daughter, ‘camouflage’. I’m an excellent camouflager and have been my whole life – hence flying under the radar. However I am slowing trying to drop it a little, post diagnosis.

While we can struggle to navigate the world we have so many strengths that often get forgotten about. When you hear about autism often it’s all the negatives and what we can’t do. Let’s focus on what we can do. With the correct strategies and understanding in place, we can do anything!

Every autistic person is different.  I have shared my experiences and although there may be some common themes for other autistic people, every person is unique and sees things differently.”


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