We create online video support plans for people living with autism.

Our plans consist of videos from an inspiring collection of autistic people and professionals, accompanied by a digital workbook designed to inspire you to take action and feel empowered on your autism journey.

All plans are instantly downloadable and flexible - ready and waiting for you in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you choose.
That means: no referrals, no waiting lists, and no travel time!

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About us

We started The Autism Plan specifically for families, people and professionals living with autism and looking for accessible and relevant support, strategies, and education to help.

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Anna is an experienced Autism Consultant with a background in Speech and Language Therapy and autism and a history of managing the Autism Helpline at the National Autistic Society (NAS).

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Nicola has a daughter who is autistic, so she has first hand experience of the very unique challenges and delights of living with autism. She has spent the last 15+ years in the legal sector running her own firm for 10 years, and supports entrepreneurial women in business as Regional Director of The Athena Network.


Deborah is a proud mother of two teenage boys with Asperger Syndrome and has dedicated the last 15 years of her life trying to change the world’s perceptions of autism. An author, campaigner, speaker, and parent representative on The All Party Parliamentary Group for Autism, Deborah received an MBE in recognition of her outstanding contribution to global autism awareness.

Our online support plans

We have Support Plans for Families, People and Professionals

The Autism Plan: For Families

When you receive your autism diagnosis, wouldn’t it be amazing if all the advice, information and knowledge to help you know what to do next was available to you right then and there in the comfort of your own home with no referrals, no form filling, no waiting lists and no time off work?

Well that’s exactly what we’ve created for you!

Our transformational family focused Course: “Autism: Everything We Wish We’d Known” is packed full of everything we wish we’d known when our children were diagnosed. We’ve collaborated with an inspiring collection of autistic influencers, professionals, parents and people to empower and inspire you to confidently take those next steps on your autism journey.

We know how it feels to be given a diagnosis, a label, and no practical help. It doesn’t have to be that way for your family.

The autism Plan for Family

The Autism Plan: For People

The autism Plan for People

It’s our mission to change the global perception of autism, so that autistic people don’t feel the need to mask their wonderful uniqueness in order to fit in with society’s ideal of ‘normal.’

It is well documented that autistic masking can lead to burnout and mental health issues - with devastating impact on those people, their families and society at large.

Our Courses focus on empowering teenagers and adults to feel safe, calm and confident in coping with their emotional regulation, varied social situations, the demands of the workplace and society, and independent living.

The Autism Plan: For Professionals

Are you an employer or a manager? Do you work alongside autistic people? Are your working relationships productive, thriving and fulfilling? If you answered ‘yes’ to all three questions, congratulations!

These days, diversity of thinking and approach in the workplace is highly sought after by businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition, but getting the most from your team at work requires understanding, honesty and and creating the right environment for performance and success.

There are many misconceptions about autism, but what is commonly known is that autistic people often approach situations differently, and autistic employees can bring a depth of diversity, focus and thinking which many businesses actively look for and embrace.

This Course gives employers and managers the skills, confidence and know-how to work well with autistic colleagues and value and harness the amazing contributions they make.

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“Autism: 5 Things Your Family Needs to Know”

A valuable FREE downloadable Guide created by parents living with autism for parents and carers living with autism to help you start your autism journey with confidence

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TOP TIPS For An Autism Friendly Christmas

#12 Factor in ‘down time’
With all the changes, excitement and unpredictability that Christmas brings into any schedule, it is really important that you make sure that your child has lots of time for activities that help them regulate.

This might mean having time alone and doing activities they enjoy away from noise and people and so they can self-regulate and cope with the day.

Small adjustments can often make a big difference. Some examples are having a quiet space available in their home if your child needs some ‘down time’, turning down the Christmas music, turning off the flashing light, or preparing some food that your child will find familiar.
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